PADI dive courses

The most prestigious diving association in the world will certify you to dive in the most safely and fun way! PADI dive courses are recognized all over the world and need no renewal. With more than 50 years of experience is PADI who certifies more than a million divers a year

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At Medusadive you can do your dive course in the most flexible way to adapt it to you needs, if the schedules shown don’t fit yours… please contact us!

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Discover Scuba diving opens a door to a whole new world full amazing sensations.

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initiation courses

All our courses follow PADI system; the most internationally recognized diving organization.

With more than 50 years of experience, PADI shapes and develops most divers around the world with more than a million certifications a year. No matter where you dive, your PADI certification will be recognized and accepted.


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Professional development at Medusadive reveals a whole new world of opportunities, you will learn how to teach diving and will have the satisfaction of becoming an example to follow