Fun Dives

Enjoy your favorite sport whenever you want to!

Fun Dives at Medusadive are lots of fun in the most safe way, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new diver friends just like you.

To do so, all our dives include, besides bottle and weights, the opportunity to dive with a professional guide who will show you the most interesting sites on each dive, he will guard you at all moments so you can enjoy diving.

Palamós Fun Dives

Every weekend and bank holiday!

We dive every weekend and bank holiday in Palamós.

Meeting point is at Palamós Marina Port 30 minutes before the schedule dive so we have enough time to get ready.

All our dives include bottle and weights. Not included in the price is: diving insurance, transportation to Palamós and meals.


Gear + GuideNo Gear – GuideGear – No GuideNo Gear – No Guide


inicio gigante

4 boar dives


inicio salidas de buceo

4 boat dives + gear



  • Diving certification card accordingly to the dive.
  • Dive insurance (if you don’t have one or it expired, you can request one when you book)

Dive trips

On holidays or a free day?

Enjoy diving! we organize Discover Scuba Diving and fun dives everyday so you just have to worry about having fun!

Discover Scuba Diving


  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Theory session
  • Practice class
  • Shore dive
  • Transport Barcelona-Costa Brava-Barcelona
  • Certified guide
  • Dive equipment, bottle and weights
  • Dive insurance
  • Min Age 14 years old

All day dive trip


  • Fun Dives
  • 2 boat dives
  • Transportation Barcelona-Costa Brava-Barcelona
  • Certified Guide
  • Dive equipment
  • Bottle and weights
  • Dive insurance
  • MIN 2 persons
  • Min Age 14 years old


Can I dive?

Everyone can dive! Though it is mandatory to fill in a medical questionnaire and in some cases a medical statement is needed pretty much everyone is fit for scuba diving

Is it worth it?

Definitely! Being 45 min underwater is one of the most incredible experiences allowed by the diving technology. There are thousands of dive sites to live incredible moments and meet fascinating underwater environments

Do I have to be an expert swimmer?

No, you just need to know how to swim and not be afraid of water.

Which dive organizations exist? Which one should I choose?

There are several dive organizations (PADI, CMAS, ACUC, SSI, FEDAS, NAUI ,…), but PADI, with more than a million certifications a year, certifies more than the double of all others combined. This is not only a quality guarantee but ii warrants you that anywhere you go your PADI certification will be recognized and accepted.

Do I have to buy dive equipment?

It’s not necessary to buy any piece of equipment as it is included on the courses but it is recommended that you dive with your own equipment. Your instructor is the person who will be able to help you best. You can always start with the “light equipment” such as mask, snorkel, fins and boots.

Do I need insurance? is it a dangerous sport?

Even though scuba diving is a very safe sport an insurance is mandatory, the low cost of the insurance reflects the safeness of the sport, you can get a dive insurance for 35€ a year and it’s internationally recognized.

What is the minimum age to dive?

The Spanish law states the minimum age to dive is 16 years old but there are specific activities for younger people.