From Zero to Hero Program

With the Pack from Zero to Hero, become a Diving Instructor and make your passion become your profession!

¡Start your diving career today!

In Medusadive you will have total flexibility to do your courses and adapt them to your needs, if the schedules don’t match you … get in touch with us!

How does it work?

The first step to sign up for the program is to do the Open Water Course, this is not in the From Zero To Hero package since we believe it is convenient that you first make sure that you like it and that you really want to do everything. The OW course lasts one week, costs € 330 and includes:

    • Online theory
    • pool sessions
    • 4 open water dives
    • PADI Open Water Certification e-card
    • Dive gear and insurance during the course

You can find all the details of the PADI Open Water Diver course and its different modalities in the following link:

Once the open water diver course is over we can start with the program from Zero to Hero, in the following table you can see that it includes all the necessary courses to become an instructor.

  • All courses have dives, the pack of additional dives is for you to be able to reach the 100 dives necessary to be an instructor.
  • All courses include diving equipment, bottle, leads, certified instructor, certification cards. In the table you will see that we also include the annual diving insurance so you can take all the courses
  • The diving equipment that includes you (jacket + regulator + computer) will be delivered to you as you progress through the courses. For example: when you start the advanced one you will be given the computer, when you finish the Rescue you are given the BCD and when you start the Divemaster you are given the regulator.
  • The whole part of pool theory and practices is done in Barcelona during the week (Carreras i Candi 51)
  • All sea practices / dives are done in Palamós on the weekend.
Regular pricePack from Zero to hero
Advanced OW310 €280 €
EFR + Rescue Diver400 €320 €
Divemaster590 €472 €
Instructor PADI + inst EFR1,690 €1,490 €
40 dives pack1,600 €898 €
Yearly dive insurance40 €40 €
TOTAL4,630 €3,500 €


  • Transfers to Palamós
  • Lodging in Palamós
  • PADI EXAM RATES – to certify yourself as a PADI Instructor, PADI charges you the exam fees. These rates vary every year, they are currently at € 980 approximately.