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Tec 50

Safely discover where air diving limits are!


5x4 Offer in Courses
5x4 Offer in Courses
Flexible Schedule
Flexible Schedule
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava

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Tec 50Tec50 certification provides you complete knowledge to practice open circuit decompression dives.

What will you learn?
•Necessary techniques and gear to dive to a maximum depth of 50 meters
Dive plan knowledge to be able to realize unique and consecutive decompression dives using multiple technical diving bottles

Course Structure:
•3 classroom sessions 
•2 open water dives without real deco stops but with deco simulated stops
2 open water dive with decompression

•PADI Tec45 certification or equivalent
•PADI Rescue Diver certification or equivalent
•Be at least 18 years old
•Medical certification updated
Have at least 100 registered dives and at least 20 of them with Nitrox (EANx) and 15 of them deeper than 30 meters

Diving gear used:

You’ll use complete technical diver gear.

Student must bring (possible rent):
•Regulator with only one low pressure stage, manometer and a 2 meter long hose
•Two diving multi gas computers, or one multi gas computer + one watch + one gauge, or one multi gas computer + regular computer.
•Deco buoy and spool
•Two diving knifes, Water resistant board, Compass

Gear leant by the diving center:
•Double tanks with tech taps  and deco bottle
•One air regulator for main bottle
•Two regulators for deco bottles
•Wing technical BCD with 2 inflate systems
•Boat dives
•Air and Nitrox (EANx) bottle charges
•Student Manual

Tec 50 Course: 350€

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