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Tec 40

Learn deco secrets safely!


5x4 Offer in Courses
5x4 Offer in Courses
Flexible Schedule
Flexible Schedule
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava

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Tec 40Tec40 course introduces divers to decompression dives in a limited way, under recreational diving limits.
Divers who are willing to continue their formation up until Tec50 course can equip themselves with all technical gear even though Tec40 course limits allows you to wear standard recreational equipment only which leads to economic savings compared to other courses. 

What will you learn?
•Use decompression programs and diving computers to plan and realize decompression dives within a limit of 10 minute total decompression stop and a maximum of 40 meters depth
Use a decompression bottle with up to 50% oxygen (EANx50)

Course Structure
•3 classroom sessions 
•1 confined water dive 
•2 open water dives without real deco stops but with deco simulated stops
1 open water dive with decompression

•PADI Advanced Open Water diver certification or equivalent
•PADI Enriched Air certification or equivalent 
•PADI Deep Dive certification or equivalent (or have 10 or more 30mt deep registered dives on the logbook) 
•Be at least 18 years old
•Medical certification updated
Have at least 30 registered dives and at least 10 of them with Nitrox (EANx)

Diving gear used:
You’ll use recreational diving gear with some extra gadgets to improve your capacity to deal with technical diving conditions.

Student must bring (possible rent):
•Recreational Jacket (BCD) with harness 
•Regulator with only one low pressure stage, manometer and a 2 meter long hose
• Two diving computers, or one computer + one watch 
• Deco buoy and spool
• Two diving knifes, Water resistant board, Compass

Gear leant by the diving center:
•Main bottle + deco bottle
•One air regulator for main bottle
•One regulator for deco bottle
•Boat dives
•Air and Nitrox (EANx) bottle charges
Student Manual


Tec40 course: 365€

Pack1 (PADI Deep Dive Course* + Tec40 Course): 500€

Pack2 (PADI Enriched Air Course* + PADI Deep Dive Couse* + Tec 40 Course): 550€


* Diving gear and manual included 


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