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Enriched Air

Specialty Course

Dive longer and safe!


5x4 Offer in Courses
5x4 Offer in Courses
Flexible Schedule
Flexible Schedule
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava

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Enriched Air Specialty Course (NITROX)

Dive longer and safe!

PADI Enriched Air Specialty Course is the most famous in the world! Want to know why?

Enriched Air (Nitrox) diving gives you the opportunity to dive longer with no decompression stops, this way you can stretch out your dives and shorten you surface intervals so you can be in the water sooner!

Not a mystery why divers choose Enriched Air as their first specialty!


•2 theory sections 
•1 training dive (optional)

You’ll learn:

•Use Enriched Air techniques to stretch out dives
•Enriched Air gear consideration
Enriched Air management, including: oxygen exposure, diving bottles, computer configuration


Timetables at Medusadive are completely flexible in order to meet your needs and schedules. This means course duration will depend on your availability.

Theory sections are done at home with the help of the kit that you’ll receive the first day you sign up, at your own pace and whenever is best for you. If you have any questions regarding theory you can contact us via e-mail or phone, and besides this you have classroom meetings with your instructor to solve all questions and review the knowledge questionaries’ at the end of each chapter. Classroom meetings can be scheduled at the time of your convenience.

Dives take place at Costa Brava with previous booking at the dates of your convenience. 


•Theory lessons.
•Student learning kit.
•All diving gear.
•Certification card.

Not included:
•Transportation and meals.


•Open Water certification or equivalent.
•Be at least 14 years old (parents authorization in case of underage student).
•1 photograph.
•Diving insurance.


Enriched Air Course (Nitrox): 90€
Enriched Air Course (Nitrox) + nitrox dive optional: 120€

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