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Rescue Diver

The safer the better!


Oferta 5x4 en Cursos
5x4 Offer in Courses
Posibilidad de Pago Fraccionado
Possibility of split payment
Flexibilidad Horaria
Flexible Schedule
Teoría en BCN... mar en Costa Brava
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava

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Rescue Diver Course

The safer the better!

This course is a big step forward in your divers’ life. You’ll learn how to look beyond yourself and take care of the safety and wellbeing of other divers.
Achieve more security for yourself and others! This course will take you there, to be able to anticipate and prevent possible troubles and, if it’s necessary, manage diving emergencies.
Through the years dives have declared this course as the best diving course ever!Rescue Diver


•5 classroom theory sessions that you can easily study at home 
•10 application exercises in confined area (not deep water environment)
•4 drills in open water (sea, deep water)

What will you learn? 

•Self-rescue and recovery techniques: how to act when a diver is tired or in panic
•Underwater problem solving: how to act in an out of air situation or with an unconscious diver underwater
•Missing diver searching techniques
•Emergency managing

Dates and schedules

Timetables at Medusadive are completely flexible in order to meet your needs and schedules. This means course duration will depend on your availability, course is considered finished whenever you have finished all theory sections, application exercises and drills
Theory sections are done at home with the help of the kit that you’ll receive the first day you sign up, at your own pace and whenever is best for you.  

If you have any questions regarding theory you can contact us via e-mail or phone, and besides this you have classroom meetings with your instructor to solve all questions and review the knowledge questionaries’ at the end of each chapter. Classroom meetings can be scheduled at the time of your convenience.
Drill take place at Costa Brava with previous booking at the dates of your convenience remember it’s not necessary to do them at the same time.

Rescue Diver. Inconsciente en superfície.What’s included?

•Theory lessons, pool session and open water sessions
•Student Rescue diver kit
•All diving gear
•Certification card

Not included:

•Transportation to and from diving sites
•Medical certificate
•Diving insurance

Previous Requirements:

•Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent
•EFR certification or equivalent not older than 2 years
•Be at least 16 years old (parent consent is needed for under aged divers)
•Have at least 20 verifiable dives
•Medical certificate that indicates clearly “suitable for diving”
•1 photograph
•Diving insurance (possible to get with subscription to the course)

Costs and paying methods:

One payment: Course price is 290€ (offered pack =400€ EFR + Rescue Diver)

Split payment: 
•First payment= 80€ (EFR + Rescue= 160€)=  at the moment you sign up and receive the Student Kit
•2nd payment = 110€ (EFR + Rescue= 140€)=  when you start the course
3rd payment = 100€ (EFR + Rescue= 100€) last day of the course

Still in doubt? .... Write to us!