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First Response

Go further! Think of others!


Oferta 5x4 en Cursos
5x4 Offer in Courses
Posibilidad de Pago Fraccionado
Possibility of split payment
Flexibilidad Horaria
Flexible Schedule
Teoría en BCN... mar en Costa Brava
Theory in BCN…sea in Costa Brava

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Emergency First Response Course

Go further! Think of others!

This basic emergency care course will give you the confidence and knowledge needed to response medical emergencies, not only diving emergencies but also any kind of emergencies that can happen on your day to day. Be able to help your family, friends, colleagues or any person whose life’s at a risk.
If you want to keep moving forward with your diving education, this course is mandatory to realize the next steps (Rescue Diver and Divemaster) EFR1


2 different sections:

  • First Response (CPR):  in this section you’ll learn how to confront situations that are life threatening while you are waiting for emergency services to arrive. When you finish this section you’ll be able to provide the attention needed in life threatening situation, apply CPR, response in case of intense bleeding and take care of spinal cord injuries.
  • Second Response (First Aid): you’ll learn how to evaluate the patient status and provide first aid. When you finish this section you’ll be able to evaluate an injury, apply bandages and treat fractures

Both sections of the course include a classroom session with theory and an application session to prove your abilities.

Dates and schedules

Timetables at Medusadive are completely flexible in order to meet your needs and schedules. This means course duration will depend on your availability, course is considered finished once you finish all classroom theory sessions and application sessions.
Theory sections are done at home with the help of the kit that you’ll receive the first day you sign up, at your own pace and whenever is best for you. 
If you have any questions regarding theory you can contact us via e-mail or phone, and besides this you have classroom meetings with your instructor to solve all questions and review the knowledge questionaries’ at the end of each chapter. 
Classroom meetings can be scheduled at the time of your convenience

What’s included?

•Theory sessions
•Application sessions
•Student learning Kit and equipment
•Certification card

EFR2Previous requirements

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Costs and paying methods:

One payment: Course price is 140€ but take into account that if you want to keep moving forward, EFR + Rescue Diver is only 400€ if you sign up for both at the same time!

Split payment: 

•First payment= 80€ (EFR + Rescue= 160€)=  at the moment you sign up and receive the Student Kit
•2nd payment = 60€ (EFR + Rescue= 140€)=  when you start the course
3rd payment = 0€ (EFR + Rescue= 100€) last day of the course

Still in doubt? .... Write to us!